Creatives are the assets, (which could either be image or video) that are served at the digital advertisement real space. Creatives may also contain click destination which redirects the user to the advertiser’s website/app.

All Creatives Tab

New Creative
Creatives can easily be uploaded on the RevX platform using its intuitive and smooth interface. After filling the basic details such as the advertiser for which the new creative is being created, click destination, name, and type.

The platform also provides the option to specify whether the creative is going to be dynamic or static. For dynamic creatives, the advertiser feed is compulsory.

Basic Details


Uploading can easily be done as shown in the above.

Types of Creatives 

Banner - Banner ads are the form of display advertisements, which are delivered by an ad server on the publisher’s space. These are usually image-based ads that are embedded in a host website to redirect traffic to an advertiser’s website via a clickable link.

Native - Natives ads are another form of advertisement that the users might see on an app or a webpage. It is designed in a way to match the media format in terms of look, feel and function in a non-disruptive manner. 

Interstitial - These are the ads that are displayed between the website content, and are placed at natural transition on the host site or app. Interstitial ads differ from other forms of ads due to their visual appeal with full-screen interactive ads that cover the entire interface of the app or website.

Video - Video ads are the ones displaying advertisements in any digital format such as video, in-text or in-banner in any kind of video stream. 

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