Strategies are various optimization techniques that the user of the RevX platform employs in order to get the best Return on Ad Spend(ROAS). Spends are done through strategies on different audiences using different creatives

All Strategies tab:

Strategy Creation

Strategy creative is a simple six step flow shown below:

Step 1: Basic details
Basic details section asks for advertiser and campaign under which the strategy is to be made, its schedule and daily frequency cab.

Step 2 : Inventory Selection
In the inventory section, inventory sources can be targeted or blocked. There is also an option to target or block Android and iOS apps.Step 3 : Targeting
Targeting is one of the most important aspects of optimizing the ad spends for any campaign. RevX provides a wide range of targeting options as shown above. For example, targeting options include country, state, city, audience, device type, connection type, etc.

Step 4 : Budgeting and Bidding
In this section, restrictions on the budget are specified including Lifetime media budget, daily media budget, and pacing. This section also provides the option for selecting bid type, putting bid price and bid range.

In 5th step creatives are associated with the strategy. Details about creatives, is explained in following sections. 6th step is review and publishing strategy.

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