Campaign, with various goals such as retargeting, user acquisition or brand awareness, can be created on the RevX platform under an advertiser. Campaigns comprise strategies (explained later) and audiences (explained later) within them in order to show a group of creatives to certain audiences that drive maximum Return on Ad Spend (RoAS). For doing such optimization, the platform uses various machine learning/data science techniques.

All Campaigns tab:

Campaign Creation
Campaign creative is a simple four step process shown below. It involves Basic details, schedule, pricing & budget and Advanced Settings. 

Basic Details
Advertiser, is the entity for which the campaign is created. Advertisers are the clients who can advertise on RevX platform.  

Mainly campaigns are of three types – Retargeting, User Acquisition, and Brand awareness. It can be selected while creating a campaign in campaign objective in this section. Retargeting focuses on bringing back the existing users, user acquisition optimizes for acquiring new users and brand awareness aims to imprint the brand’s image among users without any call to action.

Conversion tracking pixel is compulsory if in the campaign pricing is CPA i.e. the pricing goal of a campaign depends on the cost per acquisition.  

Campaign Scheduling
Campaign start and end dates can be specified in this section while creating a campaign.

Campaign Pricing and Budget
Various aspects of campaign pricing and budgeting are specified in this section. Revenue term for the campaign (i.e. cost per action), such as CPI (Cost per install), CPM (cost per 1000 impression), CPA (cost per acquisition), CPC (Cost per click) and margin are provided. Lifetime and daily media budget and delivery cap are also specified.

Advanced Setting
In the advanced setting, the frequency of showing an ad to a user is specified. Default daily frequency cap, lifetime frequency cap, and attribution ratio are also provided.

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