Advertiser on the platform is the entity for which the campaigns are created. Home page contains Advertiser tab as shown in the following picture:

All advertiser tab:

Create Advertiser

The platform provides the option to see all advertisers (shown above) as well as the option to create new advertisers. 

Creating a new advertiser requires Basic Details such as advertiser name, category, currency, etc. It also requires App Information as well as Contact Information of the advertiser.

An advertiser has various aspects of information attached to it, which helps in creating advertising campaigns for it. Some of these aspects are explained below: 

Conversion Tracker
Conversion Tracker provides information about tracking type (View, Click or both). It also gives the maximum time within which the conversion shall be attributed, and the number of conversions allowed per user.

Product Catalog

Product Catalog provides the feed information if any. RevX allows its clients (advertisers) to provide their product feeds for dynamic advertising. This section provides the feed updating status, time, variables, etc.

The product feed can be provided to us by the advertiser, by setting up a method with account manager, wherein the clients upload their catalog field, for us. Using this feed, we can set-up dynamic retargeting campaigns. Dynamic campaigns are the ones, which show a product from the feed to the customer, based on their history. 

Support feed formats include CSV, XML, API feeds, FTP upload – static feed file. 

Click Destination
Click Destination provides the information about the webpage or App Store/Google Play or app deeplink where the viewer of the advertisement shall be redirected.

There are two types of click destinations, i.e. Static and Dynamic. A static destination always redirects every user coming in that campaign to the same place. However, with a dynamic destination, the user is redirected based on their history i.e. the products they might have already shown interest in. Macros are used in click destinations.

Supported Macros
Following is the list of supported macros:

Macros Description
|OS_ID| Internal OS Id Ex: 1-Others, 2-Windows, 3-iOS, 4-Android, 5-Blackberry, 6-Unknown
|INVENTORY_ID| Internal SSP Ids Ex: 1-AdX, 7-Google, etc
|COUNTRY_ID| Internal Country Id
|COUNTRY_CODE| Country Code Ex: IN-India, US-USA, etc
|PUBLISHER_ID| Internal publisher id
|PUBLISHER_NAME| Publisher App Bundle/Package name
|APP_NAME| Publisher App Name Ex: Swiggy Food Order & Delivery
|ADVERTISER_ID| Internal Advertise/Client ID
|ADVERTISER_NAME| Advertiser/Client name Ex: Swiggy
|CAMPAIGN_ID| Internal Campaign Id
|CAMPAIGN_NAME| Campaign Name
|STRATEGY_ID| Strategy Id
|STRATEGY_NAME| Strategy Name
|CREATIVE_ID| Creative Id
|CREATIVE_NAME| Creative Name
|CREATIVE_SIZE| Creative size (WxH)
|UR_ID| Unique Request Id to track and map impression-click
|RANDOM| Random number
|IP| IP address of bid request

These macros can be used in any urls that are passed via RevX platform, for example click destination.

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