Welcome to the RevX User Manual. This document guides about features and operations needed while using RevX.

Every client we onboard becomes an 'Advertiser' on the 'Platform' (RevX). Every use case for advertisements from that advertiser is created as a 'Campaign'. Within a campaign, the 'Strategy' is deployed to target a 'User Segment'. All these terms are such as Campaign, Strategy, User Segment, Advertiser, and Platform are explained in the following section.

The RevX platform is a self-serve mobile marketing platform that drives performance and brand experience through the power of programmatic, personalization and data science. It helps digital marketers to drive new user acquisition and grow retargeting / re-engagement-based transactions through targeted digital advertising.

Login page

Two options for Signing in: 

  1. Sign in with Google
  2. Sign in with email and password

For Signing up, on the platform, please contact

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