There are several reports, which RevX provides on the platform which can be very useful in understanding the performance of any campaign. Few of those reports will be shown in this document. Other than these reports, RevX platform has a dedicated tool for slicing and dicing the data, which is known as SliceX. The SliceX tool is also explained in this documentation after the reports.

Advanced Reports

As shown above, this report can of great use for a marketer to understand the spends and returns on those spends from the view of various dimensions.

In filters it provides options which include advertiser/campaign/strategy, Inventory, geography, creatives and pricing. One can select one or more of each of these options at a time and download a crisp report to understand how a particular entity is doing. For example you can select a creative and two geographies (say countries for that matter) in a particular campaign and see how is that creative performing in those two states. Likewise you can select as many options as you want and download this report.

As shown this report provides plethora of metrics to choose from. One can select starting from one to all metrics. Group by option provides the dimensions around which you may want to look at your report. You get following dimensions i.e. group by options:

         1. Advertiser
      2. Aggregator
      3. Campaign
      4. Strategy
      5. App
      6. Creative
      7. Creative Size
      8. Offer Type
      9. Advertiser Pricing Type
    10. Country
    11. State
    12. City
    13. Media Type 
    14. Bid Strategy
    15. Optimization Type
    16. Fold Position
    17. Channels
    18. Operating System
    19. Brand
    20. Model

There is much more that one can do on Advanced page, depending on what is the desired outcome. This is just a brief overview for starting out.

Conversion Report

 There are basically two types of conversions

  1. View Conversion
  2. Click Conversion

This report basically gives the data around these two. One can select either or both of these and look at the metrics in any particular campaign or around all the campaign for a particular advertiser.

Audience Report

Audience reports provides option look at the metrics from the view of audience. This report gives you options to select audience that have been created, audience status as well as audience source in a particular campaign or all campaigns under an advertiser.

This report also provides you group by option, so that you can get the analysis from the perspective of various dimensions.


SliceX provides a very easy way to slice and dice your data in order to take data driven decisions for managing your campaign optimally. It gives you the ability to compare your campaigns performance in different timeframes. It also allows you to view your data in graphical format which makes life of a campaign manager much easy. It also gives you the power to view data on full time spectrum starting from hourly and going up to quarterly data.

SliceX provides plethora of Metrics for understanding the performance of a campaign from all possible aspects. Thus acts as a huge helping in data driven decision making.
Following are the metrics which sliceX provides:
Advertiser Spend eCPA
Media Spend eCPC
Margin eCPI
Percentage Margin eRPM
Impressions eRPA
Clicks eRPC
Installs eRPI
View Installs CTR
Click Installs ITI
Conversions CTC
Click Conversions CVR
View Conversions IMP per Conversion


The data along the various metrics mentioned above can be sliced and diced around the above shown mentioned dimensions which are as follows:

Advertiser  Aggregator
Campaign App
Strategy OS
Creative Country
Creative Size Pricing Type
Graphical View presents the data in such a manner, that user can easily understand the context and take action accordingly. Performance trend over a period of time can easily be visualized.
Compare option provides you the power to compare the metrics of various timeframes. Export option is provided to download the data.
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